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AskmyGP FAQ’s

What is askmyGP?

It’s an easier way for you to request help from your GP, for yourself, your child or someone you care for.

Why are patients encouraged to use it?

You don’t have to use it, you may phone the practice with your request, but askmyGP is often more convenient.

Do I have to choose from a ‘menu’ of problems?

No, you can ask about any medical problem where you need help from your GP practice.

Is a ‘Secure Message’ a text message?

No, it is held securely online and you need a login to access your personal messages.

Can I message the clinician at any time?

Our service times are usually 06:00 – 10:00. Occasionally the system may be turned off early due to high demand. This is done to ensure the GPs workload can be managed safely. If it is turned off and you have a medical emergency please call the practice.

What happens if I forget my password?

On the login page, simply click “Forgotten Password” and we email a link so you can reset. No one at your practice or askmyGP can tell you your password.

What is an ‘End-User Licence Agreement’ and why do I need to tick the box?

Legally we need to have an agreement with you to use the service.

I don’t like using computers – can I still ring the practice to make an appointment?

Yes, you can still telephone. The receptionist will be able to log your request on the system on your behalf. All requests go through the askmyGP platform to prevent confussion.

I usually just walk into the Surgery to make an appointment – can I still do that?

We do not offer walk in appointments.

Can I insist on seeing a clinician in a face to face appointment?

That is up to your clinician to decide. a face to face appointment might not be necessary.

I don’t have a computer or a smartphone – what do I do?

You may always telephone the practice.

My spouse and I share the same email address. Will it be OK to use the same one for both of us?

Every login must have a unique email address, so you cannot share them. Getting an additional email account is free with many services.

How do I know the clinician has seen my request?

Your practice has committed to review all incoming askmyGP requests, and usually they reply promptly. Check your email, possibly check your spam folder if you expected a reply.

Date published: 7th March, 2022
Date last updated: 5th January, 2023