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AskmyGP information

We use a system called askmyGP which is an easy and fast way to ask for any kind of help from the practice.

AskMyGP is available to use Monday-Friday.

  • The service is turned on at 6.00am and is closed off by 10.00am.
  • To ensure patients are getting the safest level of care, some routine requests may be deferred to a different working day to ensure urgent cases can be managed on the same day.
  • Face-to-face appointments are available to all patients where there is a clinical need. You may be asked to first discuss your concerns over the telephone or online with a member of the clinical team to assess what would be most appropriate for you and which practice member would best provide it.
  • You can request a particular doctor or nurse (so long as they’re working)
  • You can choose to be contacted by the surgery by telephone, secure message or video call
  • If we need to see you, we will offer you a face-to-face or video appointment at the most convenient time but please note this might not be on the same day you submit your request.
  • Video consultations are provided by our own doctors through a secure link to your mobile, tablet or laptop for no extra charge
  • You can register for askmyGP now, without any paperwork

If you prefer to phone, one of our receptionists will take a few details about your problem or request and then pass these to the GP. However you choose to get in touch, your GP will contact you quickly and either sort out your problem on the phone, by secure message, or arrange to see you the same day, or another day if that’s more convenient.

Why do we encourage anyone who has access to a computer, tablet or smart phone to submit their request online?

  • Submitting a request online allows GPs and ANPs to respond to patients digitally which is often much more convenient for the patient. Most issues can be managed without a need to visit the surgery.
  • Like all GP practices our telephones are often busy and submitting a request online will save the patient time as there is no waiting for our team of call handlers to get round to answering your call.
  • Submitting a request online allows a patient to include more detail about their issue including photos and documents which could be useful to the practitioner who is dealing with the request.
  • Submitting a request online keeps our telephone lines free for patients who genuinely do not have online access or require other services not managed through askmyGP such as nurse appointments.

Please click here to read our helpful guide on how to register and use AskmyGP

Please click here to read answers to our Frequently Asked Questions

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 5th January, 2023