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Test results

Test results process

Following your blood test or on providing your sample, these specimens get transported to the laboratory that day for testing and analysis of results.

These test results are then sent back to the practice electronically and received on to our clinical system. When the results are received, they are reviewed by the clinician and they decide if there is any action required.

Once all the test results requested have been received from the lab, filed and acted upon you will be notified of the results in the form of a text (where a mobile has been given) or an automated response sent through to your landline as a voice message. On the rare occasion of an urgent issue the practice may call you.

Examples of text messages you may receive:

  • “Following your recent tests / investigations, please submit a routine request via AskmyGP between 06:00am and 12:00pm, on a day you’re available. If you have already discussed your recent results with a clinician, please ignore this message. Thank you, The Welby Practice.”
  • “Your recent tests have returned back as satisfactory. Please continue with any planned reviews or arrange a further assessment if you remain unwell. Kind Regards Welby Practice”
  • “Your recent test taken has returned advising the need for a further test, please contact reception to get this organised. Kind regards Welby Practice”
  • “Your recent test taken has returned back advising the need for medication, please collect your prescription from your usual dispensary/chemist. Kind regards Welby Practice”
  • “Your recent test has returned back as requiring discussion with the Practice Nurse, please contact reception to arrange this. Kind regards Welby Practice”

The message may be differ depending on your situation and test.

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 19th April, 2022